Well yes girls, at Lâme Coeur Paris, Alternative Wedding Dresses are our domain so welcome to you all Non-Traditional ladies in search of both style and originality !



If you are looking for an alternative outfit for your wedding, you will find in our "Ever After" collection a source of inspiration that breaks a lot of unspoken rules concerning wedding dresses ;)

Let’s get started !!

Inspo #1: Pick A Color Other Than White

We might as well start with the biggest breakthrough: wearing a colour other than white on your Wedding! (Yessss, it's possible!)

If you still like a lighter feel, opt for a dress in a very pale shade like our Gerda in its pale blue.

If, on the other hand, you feel the soul of a conquering warrior and you're not shy, the passionate red of our sublime Rose Red is for you.


Inspo #2: Want to pick a White dress? Ok, but...

The white dress is still a must for many brides, but a dress that is out of the ordinary is the goal of an alternative dress!

So if you're going to choose a white dress, you might as well have that little extra something.

Example? A playful tom boy touch for our Lilith with its pockets and hidden lace or a chic medieval twist for our Eowyn.


The choice is yours, but don't forget to think outside the box.

Inspo #3: Take inspiration from Fairies and Magic

Why not wear a fairy-tale dress inspired by nature and magic ?

After all, you are the queen of the party.

If you're a fan of nymphs, elves and Celtic legends, our Titania dress is for you!

Its tulle wings, floral embroidery and incredible chapel train will turn you into a Royalty of the Woods.


Inspo #4: Rock Gold

Perhaps the most spectacular choice for your wedding day look, Golden dresses pretty much scream COOL!

And our Morgiana is not to be outdone with its sublime pearl details and sided trains that will catch everyone's eye.

Romantic and sensual, Morgiana will reveal the fire within you!

Who hasn't dreamt of being a 1001 nights princess... for one night!?

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