Organising an environmentally friendly wedding and buying a NEW wedding dress is possible. Welcome to Lâme Coeur Paris! 

When it comes to choosing a wedding dress for the big day, many questions arise. Do you prefer a white or coloured dress? With or without sleeves? With or without straps? With or without veil?

For the bride who wishes to give a more eco-friendly tone to her wedding, there are still other criteria to take into account.

If vintage or second hand dresses are often the obvious choice, the bride can also choose to treat herself to a new GREEN dress!

It's true that a wedding dress is by definition an outfit that you only wear once, so it's one of the least eco-friendly items you can buy.

At Lâme Coeur Paris, we wanted to create beautiful wearable outfits, handmade in our English and Algerian workshops, that you can wear again and again, while offering a tracability and a guarantee of security for the fabric that you wear.


Fortunately, a growing number of designers are trying, like us, to bring ethical and ecological fashion into the world of bridal wear, through various initiatives that range from recycling vintage fabrics, using natural pigments, and using local craftsmanship.

But how does it work with us?

Environmental footprint :

The environmental footprint of the fashion and textile industry is very important and is one of the main causes of climate change. As a brand, this is an issue that we take very seriously. We recently launched our 'Ever After' collection, in an attempt to re-imagine our product and provide a fast fashion alternative. From the supply chain, to the way we run the office, to the partners we work with, we promote sustainability where we can.


What happens in the fashion industry is very similar to what happens in the food industry. Heavy chemicals and pesticides are used and have a huge impact on the environment. Throughout the supply chain, we are committed to using as much recycled fibre as possible, with a minimum of chemicals.


Waste is a problem at every stage of a garment's life and we do what we can to reduce waste at our stage of the process. We strive to keep our cut as small as possible, not only to reduce our footprint, but also to minimise costs, which always impacts you, the customer.

Our objective: Zero waste!

In the production of clothing, there is always fabric that is cut and usually thrown away in a bin because it is useless. We keep the scraps and use them or share them with our partners to make and embellish our gloves, headpieces, veils and other accessories.


Animal welfare

No leather or fur in our house!

At Lâme Coeur Paris, our dresses are respectful of animal welfare and as much as possible we only use natural or synthetic materials that are sustainable and responsibly sourced.

We are constantly studying the possibility of incorporating the latest innovations in newly created responsible materials into our line of accessories and dresses and are excited to find new alternatives.

Slow Fashion

All our dresses are made to order. This means (with the exception of samples in our showroom!) that we do not have any dresses in stock.

When an order is placed, we make the dress from scratch. This means that we only make a dress when someone wants to wear it on their wedding day. This ensures that every dress we make has a personal connection.


Each dress and accessory is handcrafted and embellished by our talented and experienced seamstresses using the highest quality lace and fabrics responsibly sourced from Europe.
Embroidery and beading are made by women in Tlemcen, Algeria (North Africa). This city is known for its ancestral skills in this field.

The women of our Algerian workshops participate in an economic integration programme in cooperation with a local association 'Touiza' in Tlemcen. The aim of the association is to promote embroidery as a means of integration but also of training for young people and women in difficulty.

Our dresses and accessories have amazing people and a story behind them. We attach great importance to the handcrafted nature and quality of our products.

While we strive to ensure the highest environmental standards in the production of your garments, you can also make a big difference to what you do with your garment once you own it.


Dry cleaning your wedding dress after the ceremony?

Most dry cleaners use a hazardous chemical called perchloroethylene (Perc) - which is not only dangerous for the environment but also for dry cleaners themselves. You should choose carefully your dry cleaner.

Laundry Republic in London for example, use environmentally friendly dry cleaning alternatives, which in turn are better for your clothes. They also use biodegradable plastic bags to send your clothes home.

Second Life

At Lâme Coeur Paris we have created our dresses with the idea that they can be worn as a wedding dress or a ceremony dress. Nothing prevents you, after the big day, from wearing your dress for a cocktail or a reception!

Change your accessories, shoes, add a more casual jacket and you're done!

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