Once upon a time, two sisters, two best friends, born and raised in France, in love with centuries-old forests and dreaming of adventures and faraway lands.

Their most beautiful memories were always of the stories and legends told by their grand-mother as a child, every summer, when they visited her in Algeria.

She was a theater seamstress, passionate about art, poetry and myths from around the world. She had an extraordinary memory and was an outstanding representative of the African storytelling oral traditions.


She instilled in them the most precious gifts: her imagination and a belief in beauty and happy endings. It became their roots, and the place they constantly try to return to in their work and dreams.

Their first collection, "Ever After", revisits Western and Oriental legends in a dreamlike way.

"Our grand-mother loved to tell us stories while we sewed together, they were inspired by European and African folk tales but with a final twist of her own, that was always feminist!"

It is therefore only natural that the brand's first collection celebrates women forgotten, misrepresented or demonized in Fairy Tales.

Sailing between the two shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the two sisters have chosen to celebrate their European culture without ever forgetting their North African roots.


Uniquely designed in shimering colours in the purest African tradition, where the symbolism of colours has all its importance, Lâme Cœur Paris dresses spark and shine!

Their models are unique, entirely handmade with Sustainable materials and always respectful of our environment.

"Ever After" is aimed at Contemporary Queens, a bit Dreamy and Poetic, who want a mythical dress to tell their own story.

Anissa & Naïma, Designers