Every year more than 240,000 couples decide to say "yes" to each other in the UK. Although the institution of marriage has often been undermined in recent years, it is now taking off again among people in their thirties, who see it as an opportunity to show their inventiveness and organise a creative and personal celebration.

And to do this, they draw inspiration from Alternative Wedding Magazines (hello Rock'n'roll bride magazine!), browse through books that talk differently about the subject, stroll through fairs that promote creativity (does A Most Curious Wedding Fair ring a bell?) and sometimes surround themselves with the famous Wedding Planners who are brimming with imagination.

alternative wedding


But by the way, what exactly is an Alternative Wedding?

An alternative wedding is a way for you to celebrate your union by turning away from the codes and traditions that clutter our lives. An alternative wedding doesn't have to be completely crazy or bizarre. It simply means that you are having a wedding that looks like you and will not look like any other wedding you've seen before.

So if you want to organise an alternative wedding but have absolutely no idea where to start or what to do first... here are a few points that might help:

1. Invite only the people you really want to invite.

You don't have to invite the great aunt Elizabeth that no one knows or Uncle Henry's best friend from work. Keep in mind that this is your day, you are going to celebrate your love with the person you love most in the world accompanied by the people who matter most. 




And, if you don't want to invite anyone and focus on your union, the two of you, your personal emotions, it's possible too, it's called an "elopement". It is equally beautiful, moving and powerful. It's also the best way to be completely Zen the day you formalize your relationship with the person you love the most in the world ;)

2. Where to organise your wedding?

Concerning the place of reception, take a moment and think carefully about what is important to you, what characterizes you, what suits you. If you want to get married in a tree house, get ready in an aquarium and say your vows in a cave while continuing the party in an abandoned swimming pool, then do it! 

Keep in mind that this is your day, the one you will remember for the rest of YOUR life! 

3. A Wedding Theme That Looks Like You

If you absolutely want to have a theme for your wedding, go for something you love. It can be related to your favourite film, a song you love, a venue, a music festival or even a passion that you will keep as a thread for this wonderful day. You can ask your guests to dress accordingly, it will be much more fun and personal. For your part, this will save you from getting lost in the meanders of Pinterest by wondering whether the table numbers are better on an embroidery stand, a wooden stick or a vase... and to finally create a decoration that all the brides and grooms of the year will also have realised...


4. The details that will make the difference

The bouquet of flowers

Instead of having a bouquet of real flowers, think about an alternative wedding bouquet.

You can, for example, use the pages of your favourite book or comic book to make paper flowers, be creative, reinvent your wedding in your own image and not in the image of wedding blogs!


The meal

If you don't like to sit around too long waiting for half a dozen different dishes, why not opt for a picnic in the park, a BBQ, a giant paella or hire a foodtruck for a more convivial atmosphere?



If the venue of your reception is a stone's throw away, put on your best trainers, flip flops, ballerinas or wedges in which you are comfortable and let's go to the party! If it's a bit far on foot, opt for the short double-decker bus tour to go there with all your guests. You can also take off in a vespa, a Volkswagen combi, a bicycle, a pushchair, a skateboard, and many other unusual vehicles that will bring back fond memories. 


The Music

We have a lot of talented DJs who are launching some really atypical concepts.  If your thing is more about festivals, concerts and good music, think about vinyl DJs, DJs with more underground playlists and bands of course! 

5. THE wedding dress

So there you are, you have already visited several shops, made several Pinterest boards and followed all Instagram accounts on the subject?

You are tired of bustier dresses imitating meringue, and after the tenth wedding ceremony you have attended, you can't stand the sight of lace dresses with removable sleeves either?

We understand you!

For those who don't dream of looking like a very pretty cake or an Instagram copy/paste on D-Day, why not consider independent designers?

They spend a lot of time creating dresses that look like no other instead of following the trends of fashion week! ;)

For more advice on your Alternative Wedding Dress, at Lâme Coeur Paris, we've thought of you. All our tips and inspo are right here.

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